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D/B Movie Feature: Chi L’ha Visto

Chi L’ha Visto follows the story of a young half Italian who grew up with his mother in Germany. Now, after 25 years, he goes on the search for his real father.
However, lies that have built up around his father prevent him from recognizing his true belonging.

A haunting, calmly photographed road movie with a clear sense of beauty of the landscapes of North Italy circling around questions of personal as well as national identity. A refined reflection about how lost family members influence the life of those left behind and even control it.

Leading actor Gianni Meurer

The more improbable the ‘findability’ of the missing person, the stronger do they determine the ‘mental maps’ of those left behind. (Jan Kedves)

CHI L’HA VISTO (Who Saw Him) | Trailer (subtitled)

In »Chi L’ha Visto«, the feature film debut of the German director Claudia Rorarius, we accompany the protagonist Gianni Meurer on a journey from Berlin to Italy.

There, Gianni a man in his early thirties, searches for his father he last saw 25 years ago. Besides pale childhood memories, everything Gianni has from his father, are a couple of letters and a photograph. Gianni shows this photo to everyone he meets on his way to Rome where he suspects his father.

Claudia Rorarius was born in Berlin. After her photography-studies at the Lette-Verein Berlin, she has been working successfully as a freelance photographer.

Chi L’ha Visto is her first feature-length film, her completely successful feature film debut she also supervised as a producer. The movie was supported by the FFA German Federal Film Board as well as the Filmstiftung NRW.