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D/B Recommended: Cäcilie Awestruck feat. Schneider TM @ Maxim Gorki Theater Studio Berlin | Sunday, 20.11.2011

“Cäcilie Awestruck” is a 24-hour electro-acoustic concert based on Heinrich von Kleist’s ‘Cäcilie oder Die Gewalt der Musik’ (Cecilia or the Power of Music) and the final 24 hours of Kleist and Henriette Vogel’s lives.

[audio:xxx-xxx.mp3]”Cäcilie Awestruck” is composed and played by Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM, Angel), Ilpo Väisänen (Angel, Pan sonic), Michael Beckett (Kptmichigan, Schneider TM), Ronald Lippok (Torococorot, Tarwater) and Tomoko Nakasato (JINN).

“…the pillars of the building shook and the windows, misted over by their breath, clattered together, as if heavy handfuls of sand were being thrown at their surfaces, threatening to break.” In 16th Century Aachen, four brothers initiate an iconoclastic riot in the local monastery of St. Cecilia. They occupy the monastery with the help of a mob, just as Mass is about to be held.

Schneider TM | The Light 3000

The destruction of the church seems inevitable, when suddenly the organ, choir and orchestra begin to play. Overcome by the music, the four brothers throw themselves down before the altar. The mob stands there speechless and the church is saved. However, the four brothers are taken to a mental institute, where for years every night at midnight they belt out “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” for an hour. Apart from this, they spend the rest of their time deep in silent prayer.

The composer and musician Schneider TM and friends are performing a 24-hour concert based upon this tale in the Studio of the Maxim Gorki Theatre. The electro-acoustic concert at the Gorki will pause for an hour between midnight and 1am so that it can be relocated and continued as an organ concert in the Marienkirche, one of the oldest churches in Berlin, directed through full-body movements by the Japanese dancer Tomoko Nakasato.

During this time, a version translated for a modern audience of “Gloria in Escelsis Deo”, which, in the horror-scene of Kleist’s story, opens up the sky above the two protagonists, will be performed. After this, the concert returns to the Gorki Studio, where the prayers of the four brothers will be musically reproduced in the style of Kleist and Vogel’s final 24 hours alive, as they ate vegetable soup and drank coffee, rum and red wine together.

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CÄCILIE AWESTRUCK feat. members of Schneider TM, Pan Sonic and Tarwater  LIVE

Sunday, 20 November 2011 | 16:11 CET
Maxim Gorki Theater Studio | Hinter dem Gießhaus 2 | 10117 Berlin/Mitte

Cäcilie Awestruck at www.gorki.de