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D/B Recommend: Birthday Party 3rd Anniversary @ Jacki Terrasse Berlin | Saturday, 31.07.2010

3 years ago the first Birthday Party Berlin tip-toed on the scene with a barely-legal party in a basement and enough people for the police to come a-calling 3 times in 4 hours.
Since then they’ve been your #1 source for confetti-fueled party action! They’ve brought in awesome live acts, inflatables, freaky kids masks and enough glow-sticks to re-create the Berlin wall! 

What is a Birthday Party? A Birthday Party is usually in a really dirty club and it is always more fun than going to a nice club. It’s cheap and sleazy. A Birthday Party is like that part in your favorite 80′s song you sing at karaoke mixed with that moment when you went to your first rave.

A Birthday Party is just a bit of fun trash that keeps you alive. The Birthday Party happens in Berlin once a month at various locations and it’s free or very cheap and people usually bring their friends because it’s more fun that way. We usually play a wide range of extatic up-beat party-jamz, from blog-electro to old-school rave, to Baltimore house, to techno to hip-hop to mashup-rock jamz.


3 Years Birthday Party

Saturday, 31.07.2010 | 23:00 h
Jacki Terrasse / Maria | An der Schillingbrücke| 10243 Berlin

Party Catani (Supra Catanism)
Duranx3 (Cockrockdisco)
Breezy Nix (San Fransisco)
Plus: Special Surprise Guest!

And Birthday Party residents:
Uncle T, Mr. Ouzo, Lil’Jean, Sly1, OhBoyGeorgeMichelJacksonPolloc k & DJ Donna Summer