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D/B Recommended: Baustelle by Greie Gut Fraktion

This week sees the release of Baustelle, the debut album by Greie Gut Fraktion on monika enterprise. Also calling themselves GGF for short, the group is none other than a collaboration between Berlin legend Gudrun Gut and Finnish resident sound-artist AGF.

[audio:GreieGutStadtExcp.mp3] This powerful album is dedicated to the sounds and aesthetics of construction sites and includes GGFs stunning cover of the Palais Schaumburg hit Wir bauen eine neue Stadt (trans. we’re building a new city).

Following the recent 12″ single with remixes by Alva Noto and Wolfgang Voigt, the long player is now here packed with 11 genre-blurring tracks. The visually stunning artwork comes from Sheffield’s Designers Republic.

With their new project “Baustelle” Antye Greie and Gudrun Gut are entering the world of chainsaws and pneumatic hammers: a world of murmurs and hissing, hammering and sawing.

The Greie Gut Fraktion have captured hours of field recordings from contruction sites and used the most exciting sounds as the building blocks for their collaboration. And it’s this omni-present construction site noise, with all ist scraping, scratching, drilling and chiseling, that povides the red thread throughout this album. But however great the temptation might be to make purely industrial music with these building site sounds, the two ladies haven’t fallen for it.

Greie Gut Fraktion | Wir bauen eine neue Stadt

On the contrary, the beats on “Baustelle” are of course gripping and the sounds direct, but there’s nothing too pushy so that you feel overpowered. Instead the Fraktion takes us by the hand for a guided tour of the construction site. Produced with great tact and attention to detail, intimate tunes and raw beats take turns and become intertwined. Despite the huge diversity in the songs, one still has the impression that it all belongs together. And Baustelle is nothing if not diverse.