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Battles at Kantine Berghain / Tuesday, 30.08.2022

US math-rockers Battles make a very welcome return to Berlin for a special live concert at Hole 44 in Neukölln this August.

Battles are set to return October 18 with their fourth album Juice B Crypts via Warp Records. Following in the wake of its complex, mind-bending predecessors Mirrored, Gloss Drop, and La Di Da Di, the new full length is a sensory overload of information that throws everything you thought you knew about the storied art-rock supergroup into flux once again.

The band’s redefined line-up of Ian Williams (keys, guitar, electronics) and John Stanier (drums) is at the core of the covertly named Juice B Crypts, which was produced and mixed by Chris Tabron (Trash Talk, Beyonce, Mobb Deep, Ratking). Marrying synthesizer loops, cut-throat drum patterns, and cyclical riffs, the album flirts with new technology, questions of authenticity, and the technicalities of reinventing the wheel at the eleventh hour.

Battles LIVE

Tuesday, 30th August 2022 | Doors 19:00 CET
Kantine am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin

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