Kometenmelodien w/ AUF & Häppi Töle at Berghain Kantine Berlin / Monday, 29.09.2014

AUF is the new band of guitarist and singer Anne Rolfs and drummer Mathias Brendel. Anne Rolfs is known as the founder of the now legendary Berlin Alt-rock band “Wuhling”, discovered in the nineties by Steve Albini and the first European band signed to the American label “Touch & Go”.

The Wire magazine points out: “Anne Rolfs is a young German woman who sings with a rare self-assuredness – an antidote to the nymphic whispiness of others working similar territory.”


In her project Allroh, “she spent a large portion shredding her guitar to splinters in a bloody fingered blizzard more similar to Darkthrone than to Joan Baez. Chord sequenzes erupt in jagged solos, or ringing harmonics, or bouts of possessed caterwauling, with a startling intuitive geometry that suggests the whole record was composed on the fly in a state of grace. Imagine Bill Orcutt and Joni Mitchell busking World of Echo.”

In his teenage years, Mathias Brendel earned his stripes playing in several rock, punk and hip hop bands, each bolstered by a ferocious energy. During this time, Brendel honed his skills, developing his signature storming, potent technique which he then tailors to the stylistic direction of the music he plays.


It were these skills and his rule-breaking attitude on the drums that, years later, brought him to the attention of electropunk musician Peaches. Shortly after, he accompanied her on an 18 month headlining world tour as drummer of backing band Sweet Machine.

He continues to collaborate with Peaches, recently toured with his band Skew Siskin as support for Motörhead and follows new paths now with Anne Rolks and AUF.

* HÄPPI TÖLE* is an international art and performance group that was founded by Johanna Aust and Anne Makarov in 2007, consisting of six young artists, filmmakers and photographers. They will be performing a special piece named “wipped” – “Tortenfressen in der Kantine”.

This event is presented by D/B.

Kometenmelodien w/ AUF & Häppi Töle

Monday, 29th September 2014 | 20:00 CET
Kantine am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

soundcloud.com/auf-music | ht.makarov-a.com | berghain.de


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