ambiq at Roter Salon Berlin / Sunday, 21.09.2014

ambiq is Max Loderbauer (modular synthesis), Samuel Rohrer (drums, electronics) & Claudio Puntin (clarinets, electronics). Together they create genreless music that crosses seamlessly from jazzy instrumentation, Eno-like soundscapes and immaculate sound design.

“From the unexpected combination of this trio arises music that crosses boundaries with a subtle suggestive power: as if in a dream, rhythmically charged, organic. Sound structures so confident for the very reason that they are established randomly grow in this balanced continuum like magic sound stalagmites.” (Ulrich Steinmetzger)

Samuel Rohrer’s ArjunaMusic has been minimal in its output since 2012’s debut from the label-head himself, but what he’s put out has been of the highest quality. While both previous releases were strictly CD-only, ambiq has also been pressed onto LP format.

It seems strange that the deep, intricate music on the label hadn’t been released on vinyl, but we’re not here to question, merely to tell you how great this piece of music is. Buried in a complex shell compred of strands of free jazz, psyched-out electronics and ambient, this is as experimental as it gets.

Starting from the opener, “Erdkern”, we’re thrown head-first into a melodic frenzy, one which expands and contracts from more rigid structures such as “Tund” and dissolves back into the abyss.

The breaks on “Touching The Present” are stupendous. So great to see that the free jazz dynasty has evolved into brighter, more contemporary spheres.

Presented by Palais Wittgenstein.


Sunday, 21st September 2014 | 20:00 CET
Roter Salon in der Volksbühne | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10178 Berlin/Mitte | |


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