10 Years in Sound Festival / 10+11 August 2018 | Kiezsalon at Musikbrauerei

Digital in Berlin’s 10 Years in Sound reflects our activities on the event of our 10th anniversary in a two-day happening. It will take place in early August at our spiritual base-camp, the Musikbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg. On this occasion, we will open the established Kiezsalon format for new artistic forms and spaces. We have invited more than a dozen renowned artists for performances, installations and premieres. As always for our curating, we have considered an equal gender balance plus more than half of the artists never performed in Berlin before. Save the date and celebrate our 10th anniversary with us.

Day passes for 15,00 € are available via Eventbrite and KOKA36 | Facebook event page

MOISÉS HORTA is an artist working in the fields of computer sound, sonic immersion and interaction. ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS, his latest musical endeavor, is an uncanny link between ancient and contemporary sound technologies. With the use of prehispanic sound artifacts from ancient México, contemporary brain-computer interface technology and hand crafted electronic instruments, ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS situates the listener in a ritualistic and rhythmical noise soundscape that questions the politics of colonization and occupation – whether it be on the contemporary dance floor or through interactive sound installations.

PIERCE WARNECKE is a sound and video artist from the US, based in Europe for over a decade. He works in both sonic and visual domains via performances, installations and compositions. Warnecke has collaborated with the likes of Frank Bretschneider, Matthew Biedermann and Louis Laurain. He is a professor at Berklee’s Music Production, Technology and Innovation in Valencia.

MAIKE ZAZIE is a pianist and a composer. Holder of magistra degree in literature with highest honors from both Humboldt Universität and Freie Universität of Berlin, she has also studied in Tübingen and Uppsala (Sweden). Maike’s music and compositions are a particular crossover of minimal pianism, research through literature and a sometimes recited epic, sometimes whispered, sometimes obscure but incredibly sweet and charming, also thanks to the use of the German language for lyrics.

The Swedish sound artist and composer HANNA HARTMAN creates collage-like compositions that are made up of sounds found and created live on stage. Hartman has received numerous grants and awards, such as the Karl-Sczuka-Prize for radiophonic art, and is a member of Berlin’s Akademie der Künste.

CLARICE JENSEN is a cellist and artistic director of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble in New York. Though she has worked with Jóhann Jóhannsson, Owen Pallett and Max Richter, has appeared on releases by Deutsche Grammophon, Kranky, Warp, and most recently Miasmah, she has never appeared in Berlin before.

ASH KOOSHA is an Iranian born multi-instrumentalist composer, record producer and film director, actor in Bahman Ghobadi’s Cannes award-winning film ‘No One Knows About Persian Cats’ as well as a pioneering explorer of virtual reality. All of this filters into his music, which is fractal, highly complex, out via Ninja Tune and has never been performed in Berlin.

LOTTO is a trio from Warsaw celebrating their Berlin-premiere and known for their unorthodox take on ambient jazz for which they have received much credit in Poland. The trio’s musicians are known for their involvement in projects such as the Hailu Mergia Trio as well as Kristen and Hera.

ERIK SKODVIN aka Svarte Greiner is a Norwegian film music composer, ambient musician, one half of Deaf Center as well as founder of Berlin-based boutique-label Miasmah. His compositions range from spacious, classical-influenced and airy soundscapes to excursions into an oppressive and unforgiving blackness.

BALAGO is a sample-based project from Barcelona who has never before performed in Berlin. Steeped in science-fiction, mysticism and philosophy, the result is closer to the ideas of Aldous Huxley, J.G. Ballard, Charles Darwin, Philip K. Dick or Arthur Schopenhauer than to any of the currently hot tropes associated with the global electro-scene.

LAURA CANNELL is an experimental violinist drawing on the sometimes-dissonant chords of medieval music. Next to having performed with Michael Gira, Thurston Moore, André Bosman and Charles Hayward at London’s Barbican, she has composed works for the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and has never performed in Berlin before.

ERCKLENTZ, NEUMANN, SUZUKI premiere as a trio. The musicians want to explore the intersections between club-oriented, danceable and experimental “autonomous” music and open up new aesthetic spaces through mutual contagion. Ercklentz, Neumann, Suzuki raid the musical space of others, appropriate them and will even swap roles.

AUF comprises of singer, composer and guitar player Anne Rolfs and drummer Mathias Brendel who celebrate the release of their latest effort, the grandiose ‘Getimed’. They play a type of rock music that is at once frantic and painfully precise, yet infused with ad-hoc lyricism and wit.


RIAN TREANOR is an artist from Sheffield, re-imagining the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music, presenting a world of fractured and interlocking components. Next to releasing on the seminal The Death of Rave imprint, his sound – hexagonal and half-stepping bleep-bass mutations, hyper-chromatic UK garage and pointillist footwork – has received praise from MixMag and FACT as well as plays by Bjork in her DJ sets.

Each evening features DJ sets by Daniel Meteo (Shitkatapult), Marius Reisser (Bitterfeld Musik), Eli Pavel (OYE Records), D/B Soundsystem and more.

Digital in Berlin’s 10 Years in Sound

Friday, 10th and Saturday, 11th August 2018 | Doors 18:00 | Start 20:30 CET
Musikbrauerei | Greifswalder Strasse 23a in 10407 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

Photo by Roland Owsnitzki.

Day passes for 15,00 € are available via Eventbrite and KOKA36 | Facebook event page

The Kiezsalon is curated by Michael Rosen and funded by Senate Department for Culture and Europe.
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