Anna Zaradny / Andrea Taeggi at KM28 / Saturday, 02.02.2019

Anna Zaradny performs music from her solo album Go Go Theurgy. Andrea Taeggi performs a live set based on his recent work with the Hitachi 240 analog computer, HP3300A function generator, HP8006A word generator, EG&G Model 189, ARP 2500, and ARP 2600.

Anna Zaradny’s works have often included a theme of a ritual stripped of mystical aura, reduced to the tension between cultural roles and their phantasms (e.g., “Castration class” (2010), “The sweetest sound of circulating firmament” (2011), “GEN IUS” (2014), and “Punctus Contra Punctum” (2014)), but for the first time it takes the form of a sound composition. “Go Go Theurgy” has a clear sonic architecture and contains echoes of the space where the sound resonates and returns in subsequent cycles. The composition becomes not only a reflection of the ritual documented on the photos, but also a metaphor of the resounding open space. Elements that we hear in the initial parts of the composition return in a processed form, an effect of a redefined echo which becomes an independent sound object detached from its source. This physical multidimensionality of sound is another step towards a sound sculpture. An attempt at stopping the moment, experiencing trance, looping movement and gesture. – Daniel Brożek

“Andrea Taeggi works in Berlin as a composer, live performer and electronic music producer. Besides his solo practice — on his own name or under the moniker Gondwana, he is a founding member of electroacoustic project Lumisokea. His research and interests include the physicality of sound, its tactile quality and implied three-dimensionality, the gray area between acoustic and electronic sources, the “wholly other”, the disassociative and hypnotic power of repetition, the alchemical dream, the fictionality of recorded audio, its non-referential aspects and the attempt at stretching the cultural borders of (traditional) music instruments. He has been a regular guest-composer at renowned research institutes such as STEIM Amsterdam, EMS Stockholm, and Willem-Twee, where he further developed his investigation in analog synthesis, extended techniques, reel-to-reel tape treatments, recording techniques and composition.” — Resident Advisor

Anna Zaradny / Andrea Taeggi

Saturday, 2nd February 2019 | Doors 19:30 CET | Starts 20:30 CET
KM28 | Karl-Marx-Str. 28 | Berlin 12043

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Photo © Grzegorz Mart

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