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D/B Recommended: Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson LIVE in Berlin @ Privat Club | Friday, 17.09.2010

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson is a Norwegian emo/post-rock band, formed by journalism students in Bodø in 2003. The band is located in Oslo.

[audio:01 van gogh kept painting himself because he was the only model he had.mp3]Combining electronic elements with soothing layers of dreamy guitars with pounding, jazzy and intricate beats. D/B highly recommended, not only for postrock fans!

Taking the best from bands like Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Explosions in the sky and jangly emobands, while adding elements that makes Youth Pictures sound unique. In fact; these are tunes you can both dance to and lull yourself to sleep with.

YPOFH was originally formed in Bodø, Norway in the fall of 2003. Their debut album was released May 2005. “Newcomers of the year”, some said. “Album of the year”, others exaggerated.

YPOFH | we may be remembered by what we did when we sat down

Band members moving each to his own, living up to 1700 km apart made most of 2006 and 2007 slow years for the Pics. In the autumn 2007, however, almost everyone in the band found themselves moving to or already living in Oslo. Adding a two more guitarists to the band, YPOFH came back in style with a smash concert at Øyanatt in August 2008.

[audio:YPOFH – how odd to see these lamps still burning.mp3]In 2010, they released the self-titled follow-up, which was a continuation and expansion of their mix of old-school emo and modern post-rock. The album was well received by critics. It was chosen to be part of AudioSuede’s “The Best Albums of 2010” list in June and received generally favourable reviews all over. It is the first of their albums to be distributed in the USA, where it is sold by the well-known label Robotic Empire.

The album has a complete lack of programmed sounds, thus resulting in a more organic and timeless sound.


Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson LIVE

Friday, 17.09.2010 | 22:00 h
Privat Club | Pücklerstrasse 34 |10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg