D/B Recommended: Volcano The Bear & Church Car @ Monarch Berlin | Sunday, 11.11.2012

Volcano The Bear have, in the words of The Wire magazine, “produced some of the finest, wildest British music of the last 10 years on record and on stage…”.

Or, as Losing Today puts it, “No one sounds, has sounded, or will ever sound quite like Volcano the Bear.” They are one of experimental music’s best kept secrets.

A calculatedly hysterical melting pot of This Heat, Robert Wyatt, Faust and The Residents, musique concrète and ethno-folk, all seen through a prism of occasionally theatrical improvisations and unhinged set pieces.

Volcano the Bear | She vang moon

Formed in 1995, and after several self-released tapes & cdrs, VTB so excited Nurse With Wound’s Steven Stapleton that he brought his United Dairies label out of cold storage to release their first album proper, ‘The Inhazer Decline’, in 2000.

Since then, they’ve released music on such labels as Misra, Beta Lactam Ring, Textile, Digitalis, Pickled Egg, Alt Vinyl, and No-Fi as well as their own imprints Volucan & Volfurten.

Volcano The Bear | Vienna

On record, Volcano The Bear offer stark and stunning absurdities, in the most bizarrely beautiful way. VTB live is the duo of Daniel Padden & Aaron Moore.

In their unique, often chaotic live shows, the adrenalin and invention drips from their earlobes as they thrust spectacular oddities in the faces of their audiences, always aided by their sublime multi-instrumentalism.

Volcano The Bear | Nobody’s Falling

Volcano The Bear is supported by Church Car. Church Car is the Berlin-based duo of Ian Douglas-Moore (guit, vox) and Big Daddy Mugglestone (drums, guit, vox).

Fluctuating focus between slow rhythmic drones, dark country songs, and layers of fractured melodies, Douglas-Moore and Mugglestone bring the best of their many collaborations to the ice.

Volcano The Bear & Church Car  LIVE

Sunday, 11 November 2012 | 21:00 CET
Monarch | Skalitzer Str. 134 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

myspace.com/volcanothebear | kottimonarch.de