D/B Recommended: Jan Jelinek & Andrew Pekler perform Ursula Bogner @ .HBC Berlin | Tuesday, 10.04.2012

On the occasion of the book release of “sun = black box” by Maas Media, Andrew Pekler and Jan Jelinek will improvise to Ursula Bogner’s compositions which have been reconstructed from original tapes. At the same time slides from her work and life will be shown. Highly recommended!

Ursula Bogner surfaced for the first time three years ago, when Jan Jelinek got a bundle of tapes of the deceased Berlin electronic music pioneer and introduced her strikingly contemporary sounding music to the public.

On his Faitiche label the techno alchemist recently has completed the second album with Bogner’s music. “Sun = black box” is a collection of minimalistic etudes, which have been composed between 1970 and 1980: cascading clicks and sparkling swarms make one think of either cosmic spheres  or something microscopicly small.

Ursula Bogner | Rhythmus 80

This kind of fits well to the image of ​​a pharmacist, once employed at Schering, and a mother with a passion for proto-synthesizer and the aesthetic principles of musique concrète.

However, rumors in the blog world said that Bogner is an invention of Jelinek. Perceiving the physical resemblance between Bogner and Jelinek on photographies, the suspicion can not be dismissed.

Musician and blogger Momus helps us with his words “Every lie creates a parallel world – the world in which it is true.” A well-told lie is much more beautiful than the dry and bare plain. That’s why we love and need art.

Jan Jelinek & Andrew Pekler perform music by Ursula Bogner  LIVE

Tuesday, 10 April 2012 | 20:00 CET
.HBC | Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9 | 10178 Berlin/Mitte

Ursula Bogner | Jan Jelinek | Andrew Pekler