Picture: Turi Agostino by Edith Buttingsrud
Picture: Turi Agostino by Edith Buttingsrud

Turi Agostino at Silent Green / Sunday, 20.11.2022

Self Portraits is the debut album of Berlin-based pianist and electronic composer Turi Leng Seong Agostino (AUS/DE). The record is a compilation of achingly raw self-referential soundscapes that span the course of a decade. Composed instinctually, scattered memories are pieced together and filtered into sonic atmospheres that unfold Agostino’s musical process over ten years. The tracks were composed and recorded in Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur, and Berlin through intersecting time periods and terrains. They are semi-improvisations structured around mesmerising chords played on different pianos which have undergone changes as new versions and retakes.

Just like us, these songs have a history that has transformed over time. Many of the songs were written and left incomplete for years, then revisited and re-worked with new recordings and found sounds that Agostino collected through this period. Each song’s linearity is obscured between looped synth samples, a low fi hip hop beat, and scattered, delayed sounds with strange time signatures. Elsewhere, Agostino launches us into fervent chapters of his inner world, stacking together Hungarian harmonised vocal layers, auto-tune and a single 808 to show the exhilarating breadth of his influences.

Turi Leng Seong Agostino is an Australian-born composer and producer based in Berlin. Agostino’s music embraces multiple genres, and concepts of temporality and identity, which he traces back to his Chinese-Malaysian-Italian heritage. Agostino has worked as a producer with German hip hop artist Mauli and Scandinavian folk singer/songwriter Tuvaband and as recording engineer for Little Simz, Jesper Munk, LA Salami, Cro, and Eunique. He’s worked as a mix engineer for UK artist Perera Elsewhere as well as for the Amplify Berlin residency. His sound design has featured in theatre productions directed by Jahman Davine and contemporary dance productions by Company Haa. His stunning debut album Self Portraits is released on this evening with a performance at the Silent Green.

Turi Agostino at Silent Green (Record Release Show)

Sunday, 20.11.2022
Silent Green | Gerichtstraße 35 | 13347 Berlin

turiagostino.com | Event @ Facebook | Tickets

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