Transposition – Immersive 4DSOUND Installation/ 8-10.10.2021 at MONOM

“Transposition” refers to the process of changing place, or context. For this project, four Canadian artists were invited to reimagine existing works as spatialized sound pieces using 4DSOUND technology, allowing these pieces to both move and travel independent of the performers themselves.

4DSOUND enables the production of sound holograms: highly vivid, spatial appearances of sound that enrich, augment, or transform the way we perceive our surroundings. As with visual holograms, within this sound field the listener is able to experience spatial depth and dimensionality in all directions, and from any perspective. In this special room with the 4DSOUND System the listener will be immersed in what will feel like a sourceless sound environment. The perceived architecture of this space will shift as it is determined by the compositions that will play in the room.

The works by Tanya Tagaq, Charlotte Day Wilson, Yu Su and Brandon Wint will be presented at MONOM Berlin from October 8 – 10 and at a pop-up installation during the Frankfurt Book Fair at a new venue called Tokonoma (October 20 – 24). This project was developed by Sound Diplomacy and Lobe Studio Vancouver in collaboration with FACTOR and the Department of Heritage as part of Canada’s Guest of Honour presence at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020/2021.

Brandon Wint’s contribution, “Antidote,” is a poetic and musical collaboration between spoken word artist, Wint, and an array of musical contributors from Edmonton, AB and Vancouver, BC. This piece resides at the compelling axis of celebration and grief, as the listener is carried through notions of self love, divine celebration, and climate catastrophe. Three songs have been selected by Charlotte Day Wilson – Strangers, Changes, and Adam Complex – from her latest album, Alpha, for this program. Like autobiographical chapters, each piece presents song as a form of storytelling under the influence of lived experience’s different tones.

A spatialized reading by Tanya Tagaq of an excerpt from her novel, Split Tooth. Tanya’s oration draws attention to the intimate exchange between text and the mouth that speaks it, and to the irrefutable musicality and memory of speech. The clip (audio) is Courtesy of Penguin Random House Canada from Split Tooth by Tanya Tagaq. Yu Su presents a reading of Rita Wong’s poem “immersed” from Wong’s book Undercurrents integrated with an original composition of music. This piece creates an environment saturated by a theme of Wong’s poem: the ambiguity of identity, and the fluidity with which it may move.

Transposition – Immersive 4DSOUND Installation at MONOM / 8-10.10.2021

8-10.10.2021 | Doors/Starts 14:30 CET
MONOM | Nalepastraße 18 | 12459 Berlin

Free admission, register here

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