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Toshimaru Nakamura, Katsuyoshi Kou, Matthias Bauer, Maria Luchese & many more NK / Tuesday, 24.03.2015

Toshimaru Nakamura’s instrument is the no-input mixing board, which describes a way of using a standard mixing board as an electronic music instrument, producing sound without any external audio input. The use of the mixing board in this manner is not only innovative in the the sounds it can create but, more importantly, in the approach this method of working with the mixer demands.

The unpredictability of the instrument requires an attitude of obedience and resignation to the system and the sounds it produces, bringing a high level of indeterminacy and surprise to the music. Nakamura pioneered this approach to the use of the mixing board in the mid-1990’s and has since then appeared on over one hundred audio publications, including nine solo CD’s.


Kou Katsuyoshi is a Korean, who was born in Tokyo in 1983. By having power equipment connected to the analog mixer, he can control the power supply. When starting the analog mixer with this equipment, and by extending the noise sound at the stop (on/off), he can make varies noise while playing. He mainly uses a guitar as sound source.

Matthias Bauer is contrabass player, improviser, composer and interpreter of contemporary music. After lengthy residencies in Lyon and Cologne, he lives in Berlin since 1991. Apart from his work in music ensembles ranging from contemporary classical music to free improvisation, it is his central concern to play with experimental music-theater, dance projects, live poetry and to perform his own solo performances incorporating his voice.


Maria Lucchese is visual artist and performer from Italy, and resides in Berlin. Her interest toward the performing art is originated in a long research that linked arts in general and primitive arts in particular to the theatre and sound art. She dedicates her interest to ancient musical instruments, particularly the australian horn (didgeridoo), zither, launeddas, gong, oceandrum, and the theremin.

In their live performance, the Berlin-based sound artists Alessandra Eramo and Marta Zapparoli utilise mostly recordings of unperceivable sounds from unconventional environments, extended vocal techniques, movement, electronic devices and portable tape recorders. Surrounded by the audience, the two performers move between fixed audio stations and several bases distributed around the stage, equipped with analogue tape recorders and microphones. The audience is immersed in the sound and focused on the physical movement of the performers.


The composition septet by Taku Sugimoto and Ensemble is conceived of as a sort of a double concertino for clarinet, flute, and small ensemble. The two main instruments, clarinet and flute, make no melody: the one tone is shared and repeated.

The other instruments (viola, cello, contrabass, guitar, and sine-tone generator) work as if they are drawing several spectrums with the sound of clarinet or flute, so each of these instruments has a specific set of microtones to play.

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Toshimaru Nakamura, Katsuyoshi Kou, Matthias Bauer, Maria Luchese, Alessandra Eramo, Marta Zapparoli, Taku Sugimoto Ensemble

Tuesday, 24th March 2015 | 20:00 CET
NK Projekt | Elsenstr. 52 | 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 | 12059 Berlin Neukölln



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