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D/B Recommended: Tom Bugs @ Kamine und Wein Berlin | Saturday, 08.10.2011

Tom Bugs (Bristol, UK) inhabits the fertile border between arts and science. Driven by a strong DIY ethic, the world of bugs flourishes in diverse directions, taking in hand-built electronic audio devices, ever-mutating musical progressions and the creative decorations of photographic and etched artwork.

Coming from the background of music, Tom has been working with electronics for the last few years, beginning with circuit bending and simple guitar stomp boxes and gradually sinking deep into the circuitry for work on handmade noise systems and large scale modular synths.

Tom’s work tries to mix the worlds of music, art and science by opening up technological ideas to new controls and areas of chance or controlled chaos. His recent work is almost entirely with analogue electronics, with his ideas often taking existing designs, twisting them a bit and then combining and presenting them in new ways. Alongside his solo music and design projects, Tom builds very sought-after devices for musicians, setting installations and collaborating in technical arts and musical projects.

Tom Bugs vs Ivor Cutler | I believe in bugs

Tom Bugs also knows how to write a simple song. One surely wouldn’t connect such an ability to an electronics nerd in the first place, as songs usually talk about stories, and those might find broader food … beyond circuit boards.
In Kamine und Wein, Tom will perform solo and in collaboration with Berlin-based sound experimentalists Jayrope and Olaf Hilgenfeld , and will also discuss after the concert the unique ethos and approaches behind his instruments.

Tom Bugs with Jayrope and Olaf Hilgenfeld  LIVE
presented by Miracle Research

Dj: Samtbody (Goldmund)

Saturday, 08 October 2011 | 20:30 CET
Kamine und Wein | Prinzenallee 58 | 13359 Berlin/Wedding

www.bugbrand.co.uk | www.kliklak.net/jayrope | www.kamineundwein.de