The Magical Secrecy Tour: Happening w/ various artists @ NK Berlin | Thursday, 05.06.2014

The Magical Secrecy Tour, co-produced by transmediale/resource, N.K. Projekt, and Leslie Dunton-Downer invites you to join!

Prelude to June 5: 3-day long sound piece called, FUSE: applied algorithmic decay & controlled experiments in encryption. Click here to listen NOW through June 5:

Hear the US Constitution, the German Constitution, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace in states of change and contradiction, embodying the residual & renewable allure of authority and its opposites. Check in often as the piece gradually transforms over the course of 67 hours…A collaboration by Farah Hatam, Colin Hacklander, Leslie Dunton-Downer, and selected students from the Ernst Busch Hochschule für Schauspielkunst in Berlin.


Further artists involved are: Basque artist and laber owner Mattin, who has written about improvisation, free software and against the notion of intellectual property and who publishes his music under the no-licence of Anti-copyright. With Anthony Iles, he has edited the book Noise & Capitalism.


For the Magical Secrecy Tour Event at NK, the lecturing artists and musicians Alberto de Campo and Hannes Hoelzl join forces with computer whisperer/wiz Daniel Hromada to redirect our A/V algorithms towards material famously leaked by Snowden and to publicly available sources about institutionalized paranoia (i.e. the 800 intelligence services worldwide).


Levels of Intrusion: The goal of surveillance is to get inside your head – a brand new piece for June 5, one year after Snowden. Performed by Berlin based self-taught drummer & composer Colin Hacklander: percussion, Iranborn and US-raised Farahnaz Hatam, expert in molecular biology, installation art and experimental music: audio & percussion, Swedish software and music composer Fredrik Olofsson: visual, German performer and Yodelista Kutzkelina aka Doreen Kutzke: voice


Matthew Goodheart, San Francisco Bay Area-born composer, improviser, and sound artist will present das Geräuschprisma. The electroacoustic performance piece is using computer-controlled metal percussion, based on the NSA surveillance keywords. Includes the voices of Jordan Rountree, Christina Wheeler, Leslie Dunton-Downer, and Rebecca Kemper.


Get multilingual with Five Families Listening, a Sound installation by Berlin-based trumpet player, composer, arranger Paul Brody, with technical support by Daniel Dorch.

Live music comes from Aletchko & Berlin Oriental Group, that started as a cooperation between Israeli and German musicians lead by an Arabic Oud player George Kandalaft and Russian-Jewish violinist Alexey Kochetkov.


Furthermore there will be a screening of a brand new short film by Lars Eidinger and Jonathan Lethem! The German actor and the American novelist worked with director A.K. Barrett to make a short fiction film that playfully engages questions about trust and friendship in the post-Snowden world.


And for the early birds: Start the day with the Whistleblower Sun Salute. Gather at Brandenburger Tor to welcome June 5 with a whistle-blowing session led by Colin Hacklander of N.K. Projekt. Limited number of whistles will be provided; bring your own if possible. Meet at Pariser Platz. Whistleblowing begins at 8:00 AM sharp. Be on time!

Come pay tribute to Edward Snowden and other whistle blowers who shed light on institutional & governmental misconduct. Blow your whistles to show support for those who act in the public interest & in the defense of democracy! Bring any whistle, to experience ‘participation’ in this public display of individual lung-capacity stamina multiplied into collective sonic mass.

Information will be provided including legal definitions of Whistleblowing, statements from Snowden and new arguments on civil disobedience as the public is invited to share this simple visceral experience of physically blowing whistles together.
Here comes the sun!

From 12:30 until 21:00 you can join The Magical Secrecy Bus Tour to see Berlin by Bus post-Snowden, for more info and ticket booking please check

The Magical Secrecy Tour is co-produced by transmediale/resource, N.K. Projekt, and Leslie Dunton-Downer and presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.


Whistleblower Sun Salute

Thursday, June 5th, 2014 | 08:00 CET
Pariser Platz | 10117 Berlin/ Mitte

The Magical Secrecy Tour: Happening

Thursday, June 5th, 2014 | 21:00 CET
NK | Elsenstr. 52 | 2. Hinterhaus/ Etage 2 | 12059 Berlin/ Neukölln |

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