D/B Movie Feature: The Delian Mode / Delia Derbyshire | Trailer

The Delian Mode is a a short experimental documentary revolving around the life and work of electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire, best known for her groundbreaking sound treatment of the Doctor Who theme music.

[audio:Delia Derbyshire with Brian Hodgson – John Peels Voice.mp3 |  titles=John Peels Voice|artists=Delia Derbyshire with Brian Hodgson] A collage of sound and image created in the spirit of Derbyshire’s unique approach to audio creation and manipulation, this film illuminates such soundscapes onscreen while paying tribute to a woman whose work has influenced electronic musicians for decades.

The film features interviews with Brian Hodgson and Dick Mills of the now defunct BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the founder of Electronic Music Studios Peter Zinovieff, musicians Peter Kember (Sonic Boom), Adrian Utley (Portishead) and Ann Shenton (Add N to X) as well as other friends and colleagues of Delia.

The Delian Mode – trailer from Philtre Films

Philtre Films is the name under which Kara Blake directs short films and music videos, collaborates with artists, designs and composites visuals for motion and print media and generally contemplates how to make life look more like a View-Master.