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D/B presents: The Books @ Volksbühne Berlin | Tuesday, 26.04.2011

The Books are an American experimental music duo founded in New York City in 1999, consisting of guitarist and vocalist Nick Zammuto and cellist Paul de Jong. Their music is a mix of electronica, folk, and acoustic music, incorporating samples of sounds, speech and music.

[audio:05 it never changes to stop.mp3]They have released three critically-acclaimed albums on the German label Tomlab, and currently reside in North Adams, Massachusetts and recently released their fourth studio album, The Way Out, on Temporary Residence Limited.

The Books are commonly cited by critics to be of a genre of their own, described by Nick Zammuto himself as collage music. Although they have said that their influences include Nirvana, David Bowie, Roxy Music as well as new wave and classical music, they do not show prominently in their music, though Zammuto was directly influenced by electronic musicians Squarepusher and Aphex Twin.

The Books’ music usually consists of acoustic instrumentation of folk melodies usually played on guitar, cello, banjo and more, combined with a diverse range of samples obtained from cassettes found in thrift stores, which are digitally processed and edited.

The Books / smells like content

They also do not use a drum kit in any recordings or performances, but instead using inanimate objects like children’s toys and filing cabinets, which are sampled and looped. Some observers contend that their music is aleatoric, but Zammuto disagrees, saying the music is very tightly controlled.

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The Books LIVE

Tuesday, 26.04.2011 | 20:00 CET | presale tickets @ www.koka36.de
Volksbühne @ Parkettcafé | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10178 Berlin/Mitte
File under: Spoken Word, Folk, Rock related, Sample-driven collage pieces

http://www.volksbuehne-berlin.de | http://www.thebooksmusic.comhttp://www.tomlab.com