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D/B Book Review: The Beat Goes On – Calendarium of Deceased Musicians

Dear fellow music lovers. We’ve been thinking about having regular book reviews on D/B and we decided 2011 is the time to do it. For starters we would like to recommend this wonderful calendarium of deceased musicians.

As death belongs to music even more than to life – in this calendar deaths of famous popular musicians are listed every day, as well as the deaths of artists, writers and others who influenced music. Every week a special personality is featured in the one-page “Death of the week” by different authors.

The statistics at the end of the linen-hardcover have a touch of dark humor. Of 1356 death, 701 were killed by a desease, 141 by traffic accidents and only 139 died a natural death. Only one musician passed away holding a guitar while two died playing russian roulette. Still the calendarium bears witness to the authors love of music and the respect of their art.

To give a sample here are todays deceased musicians. On January 23rd, the following personalities died: 1997 Richard Berry (who wrote “louie louie”);  1997 Audrie Pitre, bass player of acid bath; 1990 Allen Collins; 1986 hat-wearing artist Joseph Beuys; 1978 Terry Kath of Chicago, a weapon and armory freak who consequently died playing russian roulette; 1978 Vic Ames; 1972 Big Maybelle

Calendarium of Deceased Musicians 2011″ is a cooperative effort by Edition Observatör and Klang und Kleid.
The Beat Goes On – Calendarium of Deceased Musicians 2011

480 pages; 10 x 16,2 cm; linen-engaged hard cover with gold embossing, rounded corners and ribbon
ISBN 978-3-00-031721-7; EUR 15,-

Edition Observatör