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D/B Recommended: Terror Bird, Pacific Strings and more @ Naherholung Sternchen Berlin | Wednesday, 05.06.2013

Shameless/Limitless presents a 4 band extravaganza on a warm summer’s night in the shadow of the TV Tower.
D/B Recommended: Terror Bird, Pacific Strings and more @ Naherholung Sternchen Berlin | Wednesday, 05.06.2013
It is featuring the return of glam pop champions Terror Bird, Berlin based jangle pop favourites Pacific Strings, the Berlin debut of Portland’s weirdo king Mattress, and Wismar’s reigning heartthrobs Unhappybirthday.

Terror Bird began in Vancouver, a city known for its large mountains, drug addiction problems, and rain, in 2007. This was the year songwriter, Nikki Nevver took to her bedroom and started writing what would become hundreds of songs.

Terror Bird | Small Town Boy

At first, Nikki recorded solely on a 4-track tape recorder but graduated to a digital 8 track, which allowed for fuller songs, and more reverb and delay.

Growing into a bad along the way, Terror Bird have continued to hone their sound and have had tracks featured on releases by labels including Rough Trade, Night People, Adagio 830, Syn Sns and Night School.

Terror Bird | Shadows In The Halls

Pacific Strings are an outfit that includes members from different terrains, more exactly Rhode Island, UK and Munich, giving their short-lenghted, but allure dream pop a sense of adventurous movement.

Woodgate Valley is their first EP effort together; a beautifully crafted album that may give out some vast thoughts to the sound of Beach Fossils or The Middle East.

Pacific Strings | Oh Darkness, Oh Lord

Mattress is a hybrid of synth pathos and soul shouting. A solo project born of struggle and heavy thoughts. Something like Iggy Pop and Tom Jones mixed with Kraftwerk and Suicide.

Drum machines rattle basslines swoop the voice croons about survival, lost dreams and of course, love. It is not easy listening.

Mattress | Eldorado

Unhappybirthday are a from Wismar in Germany and offer something very nice in their approach to minimalist synth pop/melodic post punk. They have that upbeat sad song thing going that always feels so good.

We can’t help but think if Jeurgen Gleue and the 39 Clocks had made soundtracks for those early John Hughes films this is what it might sound like.

Unhappybirthday | Kraken

Similarities to fellow German fronted post punkers Horrid Red could be made as well but Unhappybirthday totally stand on their own as well.

Lead man Daniel Ja has one of those somber slightly baritone voices seemingly beyond his years. With a prior cassette on Crash Symbols and some Euro touring under their belts this trio is just getting started and we are sure they are capable of upcoming great things.

Terror Bird, Pacific Strings, Mattress & Unhappybirthday  LIVE
presented by Shameless/Limitless

Wednesday, 05 June 2013 | 20:00 CET
Naherholung Sternchen | Berolinastraße 7 |  10178 Berlin/Mitte

terrorbird.com/ | pacificstrings.com/ | mattressmattress.com/ | itsyourunhappybirthday.com/ | naherholung-sternchen.de