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Temple of Faitiche & Muscut Label Night at Silent Green Betonhalle / Saturday, 9.12.2023

On the occasion of the second Temple of Faitiche event at silent green, Faitiche presents the Ukrainian label Muscut. Since 2012, label owner and Faitiche artist Dmytro Nikolaienko has been discovering and releasing electroacoustic obscurities from the Soviet past – as well as what he calls pseudo audio archaeology – on Muscut and the associated archive label Shukai.

In Berlin, Nikolaienko presents and manipulates his tape loop archive live for the first time. The Ukrainian artist Ganno Bryzhata aka Bryozone will perform her Pitchfork-rated album Eyes of Delirious and the two masters Giuseppe Ielasi and Andrew Pekler will perform as a duo, which is also a world premiere.

They will reconstruct material from their album Palimpsets, released on Shelter Press – an album that straddles the outer boundaries of electroacoustic practice and musique concrète. In addition, both artists will perform solo pieces for guitar and electronics.

Both noted for strikingly forward-thinking bodies of solo work dating back to the 1990s, the duo of Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi – collaborators for the better part of a decade – reemerge with ‘Palimpsests’, their first outing with Shelter Press. Built from deconstructed layers of texture, tone, and arrhythmic percussiveness, the album’s 2 sides distill 6 years of work into 9 splintered, airy reimaginings of minimalism – each surprising, creatively rigorous, and startlingly beautiful – that rest at the outer reaches of contemporary electroacoustic practice and musique concrète.

“Eye Of Delirious” is a long-awaited debut Muscut release of Chillera’s band bass player Ganna Bryzhata — an Odesa-based artist. An ambient LP is a Smoothy Flow Sub Nautical journey that features elements of an industrial dub of Glowing Sirens of the Black sea.

Temple of Faitiche & Muscut Label Night at Silent Green / Betonhalle

9.12.2023 | Doors 20:00 CET | Starts 21:00 CET
Silent Green / Betonhalle | Gerichtstraße 35 | 13347 Berlin | Event @ Facebook | Tickets

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