gamut inc’s PYTHO #5 at Theater im Delphi / Saturday, 16.12.2023

PYTHO is gamut inc’s music theatre series inspired by the Theater im Delphi: PYTHO #5 is a staged concert for music machines such as automated accordions, automated percussions, kalimbas or glockenspiels and light.

This evening is all about cycles and loops. Repetitive structures and pulsating lights transform the theatre into a larger-than-life music theatre machine. Cyclic accelerations and decelerations, in which rhythmic layers repeatedly fade in and out, setting in motion a seemingly endless process of rhythmic movement. The motifs are taken from geometric and arithmetic series that create urgency and restlessness.

Under diorama-like image sequences, the slowly developing music alternates between noise-based textures, harmonic fields and rhythmic repetitions. In doing so, gamut inc draw on risset rhythms and algorithmic processes from their latest album SUM TO INFINITY. Progressions are constructed between these levels in such a way that a perpetuum-mobile-like, constantly evolving continuum is created, which constantly triggers new cycles.

The WIRE wrote about SUM TO INFINTY: „Six enigmatic, alphabetically titled tracks build to the mind-scrubbing minimalism of “Series F”, whose shapeshifting pulses resemble Ligeti´s Atmosphères run through a square wave LFO.”

Since 2021, gamut inc has been realising five editions already: CAROUSEL (for eight automated Kodak Carousel slide projectors, percussion and electronics), HIS MASTER’S VOICE (for 4 voices, microphone array and electronics), SOLARIS LIGHTHOUSE (for microtonal wind instruments and electronics), PI MINUS ONE (player piano and commentary tracks for the film π) and now LAZY SUSAN (for computer-controlled music machines and light). PYTHO presents music theatre productions and staged concerts of various lengths and forms.

gamut inc’s PYTHO #5 : for computer controlled music machines and light

16.12.2023 | Doors 19:00 CET | Starts 20:00 CET
Theater im Delphi | Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2 in 13086 Berlin | Tickets

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