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D/B recommended: Natalie Beridze / TBA live in Berlin @ Hau2 / Friday, 19.03.2010

Following the release of her new album “Pending” on Laboratory Instinct last year and prior to the immanent release of her forthcoming album, “ForgetFulness” on monika enterprise, Georgian artist NATALIE BERIDZE aka TBA returns to Berlin for a live concert at HAU2 on Friday 19th March.

[audio:09 Hextention.mp3]Also playing on the night is RAZ OHARA AND THE ODD ORCHESTRA, making for a nice double-bill.

His new album “II” is about to come out on Get Physical. The singer and guitarist RAZ OHARA, born in Denmark as Patrick Rasmussen, is part of the very first generation of migrants that in the sense of a new era have lastingly marked the music scene along the river Spree in the early Nineties. Together with colleagues like Peaches or Gonzales that have emigrated from Canada at about the same time he is one of the important artists of the then newly founded label Kitty-Yo that turned the night into day during endless jams at the Maria am Ostbahnhof.
Natalie Beridze aka TBA

Tylistically his early albums were characterised by the same restlessness like his eventful life as the son of a seaman. The eclectic mix of beat, soul and funk on his much-praised album “Realtime Voyeur” made the critics come up with daring comparisons to Prince, while he presents himself as an introspective singer/songwriter on the successor “The Last Legend”, playing the acoustic guitar to come to terms with the void and feelings of loss after his father’s death.

Natalie Tusia Beridze aka TBA / Nevermind

After short-time collaborations with local electro stars like Apparat or Alexander Kowalski, the ODD ORCHESTRA, directed by Oliver Doerell, seems to be the perfect medium for Raz Ohara to act out his various musical inclinations. In the end he merges them to become his own distinctive style.

Before that the gorgeous NATALIE BERIDZE presents her album “ForgetFulnes”, which is planned for release in autumn on Monika Enterprise. Beridze is an artist from Tiflis in Georgia, electro musician and singer. She attracted the attention of a wider public in Germany with releases on Thomas Brinkmann’s label Max Ernst and through the compilation “4 Women No Cry”, produced by Gudrun Gut.

Natalie Beridze aka TBA LIVE
Friday / 19.03.2010
HEBBEL AM UFER – HAU 2: Hallesches Ufer 32 / 10963 Berlin