D/B Recommended: Taunus @ O Tannenbaum Berlin | Wednesday, 06.04.2011

A rare live appearance by Gaston side-project Taunus aka Jan Thoben and Jochen Briesen (Semuin) tonight at O Tannenbaum, one of the finest bars in Neukölln.

[audio:Taunus – Tramin.mp3]This is sure to be a sensational performance and an unmissable event for anyone with an ear for post-rock and minimal acoustic neo-folk.

Taunus were formed by the Berliner steel string guitarists Jan Thoben and Jochen Briesen in early 2001. Since then they have been joined by several guests musicians including Derek Shirley and Michael Thieke who are both present for this ultra rare live outing.

Taunus Live | Ahornfelder Festival 2007

Taunus play jaunty, easy-going, (mostly) instrumental music structured around minimal, interlocking folky guitar-patterns elements. Strictly composed passages are combined with free, fluid and improvised parts whilst dissonances enter a framework of open tuned folk-harmonics. By bridging and sometimes even blurring these contrasts and differences, Taunus expand their way of musical expression.

Taunus  LIVE

Wednesday, 6th April 2011 | 20:00 CET
O Tannenbaum | Sonnen Allee 27 | 12047 Berlin/Neukölln

www.o-tannenbaum-berlin.de | www.myspace.com/taunus | www.ahornfelder.de