T.A.T.V. #2 – A 3 days streaming experiment at Ausland / Friday, 26.2.2021

Leaving format dogmas and time constraints behind T.A.T.V. is an autonomous zone to test drive a micro republic of experimental performance practices, a T.V. station touching its limits of control. Temporary Autonomous Television (T.A.T.V.) is a 3 day constant stream. Rendering absurd profitableness and commodification of art as an easy consumable product in our optimized lifestyles is one of the objectives of this undertaking.

“When the crisis of human relationship shattered the web of mythical communication, the attack on language took on a revolutionary air.” – Raoul Vaneigem

With Agente Costura & Angela Etcetera Alice Cannavà, Baptiste Moulin, Botborg, Hopek Quirin, Kris Limbach, Lea Walloschke, Lisa Müller-Trede, Lun Ário and Ann Antidote, Seiji Morimoto, Sofia Salvo, Radio ON and Rieko Okuda.

T.A.T.V. #2 – A 3 days streaming experiment

26.2.2021 | Online via ausland | Lychener Strasse 60 in 10437 Berlin

https://ausland-berlin.de/ttv-2-streaming | https://www.twitch.tv/ttaattvv | Event @ Facebook

A project by Kris Limbach. Funded by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

Photo credit: mARIANA hOYOS

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