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.TAPE. REPAINTED. Album Feature

D/B Recommended! Introducing Spanish artist dot tape dot (previously knowns as .tape.) might not sounds as the most urgent matter for us, as spa.RK released his delightful “Paintings” (sp11cd) late 2005. But we’ll do it, of course, as he’s right noe one of the most interesting Spanish artists working in the area of electronic music via-laptop-folk-via-postpop. He also has a wide international projection, as he just released “Tomavistas” album on US label Other Electricities. And because this lovely cd that you have on your hands is not exactly a new album by the most charming freaky artist we know but… http://www.myspace.com/repainted

VIA www.sparkreleases.com

A remixes album at this point of the game? We couldn’t refuse to the temptation of leaving some of dot tape dot favorite artists (Japanese Sora and Shugo Tokumaru, or French master Sebastien Roux) mess and reconfigure his magic loops made with toy guitars, colorful plastic xylophones and different gadgets. But then other friends subscribed also the idea and this is how the most playful electronica (ISAN, Bradien), the kings of Brit-folk (Tunng), the local delegation (Eedl, Do) and the most delicate euroelectronic artists (Bichi, Rumpistol, The Village Orchestra) joined the party.

It’s not by chance that most of these artists have a folk treatment of electronica in their work. Some of them might be considered as part of the laptop folk scene, a common and deeper link that goes beyond the current electronica scene adorned with folky reminiscences. But the original compositions by dot tape dot are used here as a platform to take us to a world full of precious melodies, electronic waltzes, Japanese exotismo and delicate rhythms.
It is pretty obvious that this cd is a whim, so , so to keep high that feeling we are also releasing another gorgeous item, a 7” with two exclusive remixes: ex-Piano Magic Arbol, remixing “The Projectionist” as a new and magnificent piece of his well-known savoir faire on the A-side, baked with spa.RK honcho Fibla remix of “You’ve Bought a Minicity…”. A fair example of what’s happening right now in Spanish scene in a lovely collectors item.
While we wait for forthcoming news (a new dot tape dot album is scheduled for next year, and also his collaboration with Spanish folk star Aroah in Acuarela records) we need to wait patiently with this delicious work that establishes new bows with the work of dot tape dot. A wait that is worth it.

Here you have what some media has said about .tape. in the past:

“…undeniably beautiful and delicate.” (Autres Directions. France)

“.tape. operate in a world of micro ideas, fragments and mini-songs…brushed vigorously with cut and paste pyrotechnics…” (BBC. UK)

“Warm and crystal-clear electronic lullabies… a richly coloured canvas of tiny noises, bubbly loops, and luminous toy melodies.” (Textura. Canada)

“No es Pascal Comelade ni The Microphones. No es Gastr del Sol ni Nobukazu Takemura, aunque bebe de todos ellos” (Avantfolk. Spain)

.tape. @ Ateneo de Madrid