Taking Things Apart at ausland / 26-28.11.2021

Taking Things Apart is a three day micro-festival around sonic practices and scores. For the festival, the invited artists will be asked to compose and present new works reflecting the microcosmic in the form of a concert or a sound-performance.

The compositions will be prepared within the vocabulary and tools of each selected artist, asking them to dig deeper into an already developed practice or body of work and reveal new layers within that existing frame. Taking Things Apart will thus be the analysis and exposition of these excavations, presenting microscopic findings on the scale of a microscopic festival.

ausland commissions artists to create new compositions that dig deeper into their specified areas of concentration – into their own sound vocabulary, into their own developed practice – and to create a moment to share as a public piece. the development of the compositions and sound pieces will be printed in a small pamphlet in the form of collage, photos, drawings, texts, interviews, notes and notes.

Taking Things Apart w/ Holland Andrews, Lea Bertucci & Gustavo Costa, PHILO, Bhavisha Panchia (NTCR) & Geraldine Juárez, anne historical, Vinyl Terror & Horror, Pedro Oliveira featuring Fernanda Lira, Gretchen Blegen, Hilà Lahav & Catalina Fernandez

26.-28.11.2021 | Doors 18:00 CET | Starts 19:00 CET
ausland | Lychener Straße 60 | 10437 Berlin

We are very happy that we are open again but see lots of reason to stay cautious. Therefore, please bring an actual Covid-19 test (not older than 24h, no self test) or vaccination proof (minimum 15 days old) or a proof that you overcame Covid-19 (min. 28 days, max. 6 months ago). Please wear a medical mask inside and fill in the contact list at the entrance. Our air conditioner is running during the event.

  • Friday, November 26th w/ Holland Andrews, Lea Bertucci & Gustavo Costa and PHILO
  • Saturday, November 28th w/ Bhavisha Panchia (NTCR) & Geraldine Juárez, anne historical and Vinyl Terror & Horror featuring George Kentros.
  • Sunday, November 28th w/ by Pedro Oliveira featuring Fernanda Lira and Hilà Lahav & Catalina Fernandez.

ausland-berlin.de/taking-things-apart | Event @ Facebook

This Festival has been made possible with the kind support of the Cultural Capital of Berlin (HKF).
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