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D/B presents Systm Sessions with Fabio Orsi LIVE | Exibition of Matthieu Bourel / POWER OF BOREDOM / Friday, 16.04.2010

Digital in Berlin with the systM Gallery presents a new series of events, the D/B systM Sessions. These events will take in live laptop concerts featuring contemporary new atmospheric sound scapes and field-recordings – all set against the backdrop of international art exhibitions and finest French wine.D/B presents systM Sessions 2010
[audio:The Third Snow (for Ariane).mp3] All this in a charming and lovely gallery in the heart of Berlin. This serious and ambitious art venue is the perfect place to meet up for a cultured start to the weekend.

This time with the young and talented composer italian composer Fabio Orsi. Fabio Orsi is an electronic musician from Italy specialising in atmospheric drone.

systM is a bar AND systM is a gallery for design disciplines. The spectrum reaches urban art, graphic, interior and product design, fashion and far beyond that every disciplines defining spaces.

systM Sessions 2010
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About Fabio Orsi:
In his compositions the languages of popular tradition meet the avantgarde approach, creating an original and charm mix. Orsi’s music originates with field recordings through which he seeks to capture images in sound inspired by the historic pre-war folk recordings made by Alan Lomax.

His first release, Osci, was recorded in Salento and its two tracks, total playing time 36 minutes, are described by the Italian online magazine SentireAscoltare as : ”a patchwork of edited found sounds, drones, microwaves with sparse notes of guitar, piano and synth”.

Fabio Orsi / Winterreise
Music from Winterreise, Cd Slow Flow Rec / Video by Venimos En Son De Paz

Since his 2005 debut, Fabio Orsi has consolidated his reputation as a key figure of the international nu-folk electronica underground with a bewildering yet fascinating series of solo works and collaborations dominated by psychedelically flavoured soundscapes. Orsi creates atmospheric audio postcards with a tangible sense of time and place, utilizing layers of guitars, old keyboards and found sounds, having a keen attention to details, loops develop so naturally that it’s almost impossible to notice when certain sounds are brought in and out.

Electronic sounds meets the humoral sonorities made by the six chords, projecting enchanted landscapes on a vibrant horizon, with an intimate sensibility, abstract and emotional, deep and dreamy melodies, Orsi Structures pieces of crystalline beauty and his music sounds like the shout of revolt of a young guy in the south of Italy, who starting from poetry, has then chosen music as the most effective way to his vent of expression, hypnotic and seductive.

Exibition: POWER OF BOREDOM by Matthieu Bourel
10.04.2010 > 25.04.2010

In its first solo show Matthieu Bourel shows a selection of its Collagen art. Some so large that they cover whole walls, some small and filigran which appear like pieces of the large whole ones.  Matthieu Bourel is filmmaker, musician and artist. His approach remains for Bourel identically: “Playing with element, ton make it mine!”  Welcome in his multicolored picture world.


D/B presents Systm Sessions 2010
with Fabio Orsi LIVE

Digital in Berlin Ambient Set
Friday 16th April 2010 | 20:00 CET | FOR FREE

systM / gallery bar | torstrasse 68 | 10119 Berlin
opening hours / tuesday to saturday / 14-22 and later