The Sunday Matinée No. 33 at Internet Explorer / Sunday, 07.10.2018

The Sunday Matinée returns to Internet Explorer for October! This time, featuring these three acts, in no particular order:


Dark, distorted, loud, punctuated – Kamoos get under your skin. With members of Voodoo Beach, Imaginary French, Full Moon Fiasco and Juliette and the Sin, Kamoos brings together the corners of the rock and roll world into one post-punk desert night trip.


Vocally driven mix of solo guitar playing: intense yet mellow; jangley yet overdriven; rough around the edges yet smooth.

Glassberg and the Disasters

With clever wordplay and infectious melodies, Berlin-based American songwriter and guitarist Rachel Glassberg weaves hilarious yet weirdly affecting tales of club bouncers, B-movie directors, frustrated physics grad students and much more. Since 2015, her band The Disasters has helped these nerd-friendly earworms achieve their full indie-pop powerhouse potential, complete with harmonies and the occasional saxophone solo.


XB Sunday Matinee is a series of monthly events on every second Sunday of the month, dedicated to music lovers and music nerds alike. It takes place in the afternoon from 4-7pm. 

The Matinee showcases local bands, offering music enthusiasts an open, supportive, and respectful environment in which to play. It encourages people that do ‘zines or handcrafts (or anyone with something to share) to come along. Children of all ages are also welcome. The Matinee’s only real requirement is respect for all others while in attendance.

(Photo credit: Davide Maione)

The Sunday Matinée No. 33

Sunday 7th October 2018 | Doors 16:00 CET | Starts 17:00 CET
internet explorer | Ziegrastr. 11 | 12047 Berlin-Neukölln
Event @ | Matinée newsletter

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