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Hior Chronik, Holographic Field, Frances Heery & Ernst Surberg at Spektrum Berlin / Sunday, 07.10.2018

A fine Sunday evening at Spektrum in Neukölln this October with Hior Chronik who will present a rework edition of the album “Out of the dust” released on 7K! Label andHolographic Field performing an ambient set based on his previous releases based on improvising.

Based in Berlin, Hior Chronik was born in Athens in 1974. His relationship with music started when he was working as a radio producer for Jazz fm in the early 90s’ and as a columnist for various music magazines. He began creating music about 7 years ago and today his focus is on minimal ambient based mainly on piano, characterized by cinematography, melancholy, scattered notes and long melodies that form expressive engagements. His music is featured in various films, documentaries as well as art performance.

His debut album entitled “I’m a tree”” was released from Enregistrements Variables label in 2010. Collaborations constitute his basic core of inspiration and motivation for creating music. His 2nd solo album, entitled “Unspoken Words” was released by mü-nest in November of 2011, which will include collaborations with Akira Kosemura, Natalie Tba, Roger Doering (of Dictaphone) and many more. He released an album as Pill-Oh entitled “Vanishing Mirror” on Kitchen. Label in 2012.

Francis Heery + Ernst Surberg present their collaborative piece Lebensraum. Francis Heery (laptop , percussion + amplified objects) and Ernst Surberg (Synthesiser) explore the intersection of bioacoustics and improvisation. Using insect and bird recordings provided by the Tierstimmenarchiv at the Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin, the duo will build and inhabit the sonic spaces created by humans and animals.

Holographic Field is the soloproject of the Pianist and Producer Jonas Meyer, based in Berlin. He is also involved in the post rock band Frames and in the ambient project Unland. In his debut „Window Gazer“, he combines his different musical backgrounds and inspirations. A mesh up between epic ambiences, clubby electronica, neo-classical and postrock elements. Dreamy landscapes meet their gloomy complement, always between dark and bright, near and far searching their balance.

Hior Chronik, Holographic Field / Frances Heery & Ernst Surberg

Sunday 7th October 2018 | Doors 19:00 Start 20:00
SPEKTRUMberlin | Bürknerstraße 12 | 12047 Berlin-Neukölln

spektrumberlin.de | Event @ Facebook

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