Squarepusher at Berghain Berlin / Thursday, 07.05.2015

The one and only Squarepusher makes a most welcome return to Berlin this May where here will take to the stage at Berghain. When it comes to quality electronica Tom Jenkins aka Squarepusher is up there with Aphex Twin and Wagon Christ.

Squarepusher fuses live bass and broken electronics to produce the unique kind of sound as can be heard on his new album Ufabulum. With a DJ set from local Berlin resident Apparat, this event is ideal for anyone with a fad for electronica.
Squarepusher is the performing pseudonym of Tom Jenkinson, an English electronic music artist signed to Warp Records. He specialises in the electronic music genres of drum and bass and acid, with a significant jazz and musique concrète influence.


Squarepusher sequenced his pre-2000 work on a BOSS DR-660 drum machine. He uses hardware for his electronic music such as King Tubby-style spring reverbs, Akai samplers, (S950 for early work, S6000 for later work), a Roland SH-101 synthesizer, aRoland TB-303 bassline synthesizer, and a reel-to-reel tape machine. Around the year 2000, Squarepusher bought a computer with Reaktor and an Eventide Orville for digital processing.


He has been known to play Fender, Ernie Ball, and Warwick basses. Perhaps the most ubiquitous sample associated with many Squarepusher songs is the Amen break. He is currently performing live with some LEDs in support of his new album Ufabulum.

Squarepusher  LIVE
Plus Amnesia Scanner LIVE & Discipline DJ

Thursday, 7th May 2015 | 20:00 CET
Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

squarepusher.net | berghain.de | Event @ Facebook

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