Gudrun Gut, Khan of Finland, OFRIN, Masha Qrella and Sookee at Hebbel Am Ufer 2 Berlin / Saturday, 05.03.2016

As part of Hebbel Am Ufer’s Heinrich Müller festival the musicians Gudrun Gut, Khan of Finland, OFRIN, Masha Qrella and Sookee each present an original composition on selected passages of text from Heiner Müller.

While her earlier solo records relied on more electronic elements, stumbling beats and sonic textures, Masha Qrella now puts emphasis on her voice and songwriting. Finally, every sort of shyness seems to have vanished. “Every night another day, every day another night, every street leads to a new place than the one I used to find.” This is the opening line of the album, and you get the feeling that Masha Qrella is breaking new personal ground on this record. Prior to the release part for here new album on Morr Music at the end of the month, Masha will perform a solo set at HAU2.

Berlin musician, composer, producer and broadcaster, Gudrun Gut is a seminal figure in the German music scene. Through her ever-changing interdisciplinary music-based practice and regular output of recordings and performance activity, she has maintained a high profile in Europe for over thirty years. Not including compilations, Gut has artist credits on some 60 record releases. As the Chinese aptly put it on her recent appearances there, Gudrun Gut is ‚Legendary Lady Artist from Berlin‘.

The Israeli singer and multinstrumentalist Ofrin published her third album on the label Circle Music, which is run by the shamanistic hip-hop wizzards Käptn Peng, Shaban und Die Tentakel von Delphi. However her music has not very much to do with classical hip-hop. Her very headstrong, predominantly electronic sound cosmos is a hypnotic blend of nested arrangements and a magical voice.

Heiner Müller was a German dramatist, poet, writer, essayist and theatre director. Described as “the theatre’s greatest living poet” since Samuel Beckett, Müller is arguably the most important German dramatist of the 20th century after Bertolt Brecht. His “enigmatic, fragmentary pieces” are a significant contribution to postmodern drama and postdramatic theatre. All that and more, and its free – you can’t say fairer than that for a Saturday night.

Gudrun Gut, Khan of Finland, OFRIN, Masha Qrella and Sookee

Saturday, 5th March 2015 | 22:00 CET | FREE ENTRY
HAU 2 | Hallesches Ufer 32 | 10963 Berlin/Kreuzberg | | Event @ Facebook

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