Locust Fudge at Roter Salon / Sunday, 06.03.2016

In 1991, Schneider aka Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM, Hip Young Things) and Krite aka Christopher Uhe (Speed Niggs, Sharon Stoned, Floor) founded Locust Fudge.

After a couple of concerts they played in their other bands, they found together to confront the people of Bielefeld in the pedestrian zone with acoustic versions of their songs.


Reinhard Holstein, head of Glitterhouse Records – at that time responsible for the European releases of Sub Pop – heard about them and asked them to record an album for him. Flush was released in 1993 – with four songs by Schneider, 4 songs by Krite and cover versions of songs by The Notwist, Lou Reed and Neil Young.

After a few live appearances, they decided to change their sound, away from the classic singer songwriter esthetics to something different. They called it lo-fi glam folk. “Royal Flush” was released in 1995 on Glitterhouse Records.

Afterwards the artist were involved in other projects and bands, and Locust Fudge drifted into oblivion – until the re-release of Flush and Royal Flush in 2014. And now, two years later, Schneider and Krite will perform again as Locust Fudge, in Berlin’s Roter Salon, with new material in the bag.

Locust Fudge

Sunday, 06th March 2016 | 20:00 CET
Roter Salon | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10178 Berlin/Mitte |


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