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D/B Recommended: Sommerloch Festival II @ Ausland Berlin | Saturday, 28.07.2012

From July 27th-29th, ausland takes a break from summer break, featuring 2 nights of programme inside ausland and a long Saturday afternoon of concerts and readings outdoor in the beautiful yard.

On this 2nd day of ausland’s sommerloch festival, there’ll be outdoor concerts & readings to be enjoyed in the yard  throughout the afternoon and evening, featuring Ann Cotten, Margareth Kammerer, the duo Carl Lindh & Pär Thörn, Tisha Mukarji & Todosch.

Ann Cotten is an american-austrian author based in Berlin. Her latest publications were “Florida-Räume” (2010) and, as co-author, “Helm aus Phlox” (2011). Some of her poems have been translated into English and published in journals like burning deck. In 2010 Cotten collaborated with visual artist Kerstin Cmelka in a book called I, Coleoptile.

Ann Cotten & Woh | Verschwinden

Containing original English poetry and film stills, the book was published by Broken Dimanche Press. Cotten grew up as a Viennese girl, nevertheless there is a remarkable idiom in her writings including lots of English allusions.

Margareth Kammerer is a vocalist and composer in the Berlin experimental music scene, best known for her compositions melting classical and contemporary poetry, guitar and voice. She has collaborated as both a composer and performer with filmmakers, video artists, theaters, dance ensembles and musicians both locally and internationally.

Margareth Kammerer | Circus

Lindh/Thörn is a Malmö/Berlin based duo that improvises with tape recorders, radio and hearing aid-devices and moves between found sounds, sine waves, field recordings, prepared speakers, silence and feedback.

Carl Lindh is an artist and musician. He runs Signal – Center for contemporary art and the publishing house In Edit Mode Press in Malmö. Pär Thörn is an author and musician. He resides in Berlin. He is also active in duos together with among others Leif Elggren and Martin Küchen.

Tisha Mukarji & Angharad Davies | Endspace

Tisha Mukarji is a pianist, composer and artist. She holds an M.F.A from the Malmö Art Academy in Fine Arts and has performed and recorded her work extensively in Europe. Author of “Auscultation” (2010), CD releases on Creative Sourves Records (“D is for Din”, 2006) and Another Timbre (“Endspace”, 2008).

On today’s outdoor stage, she will perform “Tuning #1 : Listening to Hertz”,  a composition that takes as its basis the act of tuning the piano, with short and static repetitions from one key to the other. Except that the tuning during the performance is not meant to achieve a well tempered harmonic relationship but to follow the “wolf tones” that occur when things get slightly out of tune and the tones used to stabilize a correct tuning are changed.

Torsten Holger Schlopsnies aka Todosch studied sculpturing in Hannover. Since then he has worked as a freelance artist in the fields of object art, installation and sculpture. After an intensive musical collaboration with Kapelle Wlodek Todosch got lost in the dog tunnel and took leave of rational understandable writings.

After the home-distilled “Jubilee Park” from 2009, the follow-up “Shashlik – Boogie” even accelerated the speed and the new Todosch program “Delaware” sparkles completely renovated. Accompanied by banjo and iron sheet guitar Todosch now definitely deserves a place at the Olympus of musical impositions. Coinciding with the publication of his “collection of punchy horse names” the release of a record with new material is planned.

In case of bad weather, concerts and readings take place inside the venue at the same time.

Ausland Sommerloch Festival Part II
Ann Cotten, Margareth Kammerer, the duo Carl Lindh & Pär Thörn, Tisha Mukarji & Todosch  LIVE

Saturday, 28 July 2012 | 15:30 CET
Ausland | Lychener Str. 60 |  10437 Berlin