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D/B artist feature: Solex

Elisabeth Esselink aka Solex was without a doubt a firm favourite of the great John Peel, with no less than 6 Peel sessions to her credit.
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Her new record Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown may be a collaboration with Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion) and Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog) but it lacks none of that distinctive Solex sound.  Out now on Bronzerat, Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown, is highly recommended for anyone looking for a truly original style of music.

Punk rock royalty Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez have joined forces with Dutch electronic heroine Elisabeth Esselink, aka Solex, for the most exciting collaboration/confrontation since The Jetsons meet The Flinstones.  Imagine if you will, a fisticuffs of funk, garage and soul between Captain Beefheart and Ike & Tina, with a sprinkling of hip-hop courtesy of Mike Ladd.

Solex VS Cristina Martinez & Jon Spencer Comic Video

The triumvirate have created a sonic dilemma with Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown! Do you listen or do you dance? Whichever, you’ll have your shrink on speed dial as you contemplate whether it mocks Jesus to have this much fun, what with the apocalypse being just around the corner and all.

Amsterdam Throwdown, Kingstreet Showdown! kicks off with the sugar-fix that is “Bon Bon”, a dirty, funky concoction, complete with strings. “Galaxy Man” is an outer-space go-go party with Link Wray’s corpse on the decks! “Dog Hit” is a tale of irresponsible pet ownership, as if told by sexed-up and AWOL philharmonic orchestra members on MDMA! “Aapie” is a tribute to our ancestry and invites us to unleash our inner monkey!  As you can see, there is something for all tastes.

Throughout, Elisabeth Esselink has ingeniously fattened up a rich tapestry of cool, the perfect canvas for Cristina and Jon, who pepper-spray it with personalized lunacy whilst shrugging off the wannabes scrambling for their plinth. To whit: 3 pioneers. Meet them in the street after dark. There’s gonna be a psychedelic genre-bending knife fight. So don’t forget your scuba fins and get ready to dance!

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