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D/B Recommended: Shorts Attack – Reclaim the Streets @ Babylon Kino Berlin | Friday, 18.03.2011

Street art, urban surprises, action! Our March edition of Shorts Attack embraces the city’s playful urge and is open to visions of the most diverse nature:
While some people transform urban space into projection surfaces, others are sporty, political, dreamy or even hell-bent on order. Graffiti proves to be a healing experience, election campaigns are seen as opportunities for ironic commentary, children work and loads of crazy ideas wait to be celebrated by the masses.

From live-action to animation, art and documentary film, more than a dozen films bear witness to the courage at play in interacting with public space. While our heroic protagonists may have entirely different agendas and approaches, the motivating message is nontheless unifying: Join in, reclaim your streets!

Ever since March 2002 , interfilm Berlin has been presenting Shorts Attack! every month at Kino Babylon Berlin:Mitte. Shorts Attack! is as diverse and surprising as the short film medium itself, taking in foreign focuses, political, outrageous or seldom-seen films, film school projects, independent productions, fiction, or animation.

The driving force behind the Shorts Attack vision is the intention to further establish the presence of short film in the Berlin cinema scene. The program has been met with great response by audiences and media alike.


Shorts Attack – Reclaim the Streets
We are the city!

Friday, 18.03.2011 | 20:00 CET
Babylon Kino | Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30 | 10178 Berlin/Mitte

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