In the serie Paradox & Parallels: “OUT OF NOW” from the collective possible.movement at Ausland / Friday, 30.10.2015

Paradox and Parallels is a new series of performances curated by Gretchen Blegen. From October to December the project presents four inter-media performance pieces in the Berlin project space Ausland.

The pieces presented explore the changing relationship between that which is heard and that which is seen putting into question the concept of work in the frame of interdisciplinary, collaboratively based performance art.

The central theme is the relationship of the process of development to its outcome: the presentation for or with the public. Will the work be questioned on the basis of Benjamin, becoming the death mask of it’s conception – or does the spirit of creative processes linger on within it as an autonomous taker, beyond the dichotomy of “completion” vs. “work in progress?”As a contradictory figure, it appears in and throughout Paradox & Parallels in various phases: the four dates unfold this contention successively under the leitmotifs non-production (“towards another miraculous”), reproducibility (“out of now”), reduction (“[…,] and “cross-pollination”) and concludes with a first time collaboration from an artistic duo (“PRESENCE/s”).


In the composition OUT OF NOW possible.movement investigates the timely structure of various movement patterns, situations, sounds and lineages.  The difference between synchronicity and a-synchronicity is of particular interest for the artists.  In a performance of sound, movement and graphics, the individual beat or puls becomes an source element of rhythmic texture.  These condense themselves into complex sequences and disintegrate then again into independent beats, pulses, lines or surfaces…

possible.movement searches for another form of performative ways to work together in its praxis, in OUT OF NOW and between the arts:  on the stage it is of interest to present a state of sameness without hierarchy between things, arts and people.  In their performances, they open hereby a space where every performer, every image, every object and every instrument has the same status.  In this manner, the piece tries to break down the artificial overly composed of appearance in staged spaces and to once again equalize the actual neutrality of nature.

This piece was specifically developed for the project space Ausland.

“OUT OF NOW” from the collective possible.movement

Friday, 30 October 2015 | Doors 20:30 CET | Start 21:00 CET
ausland | lychener straße 60 | 10437 Berlin |

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