Photo Credit: Chris Watson

SEAPHONY: Life on Planet Ocean at Alte Münze Berlin / 6.5.-8.6.2022

The 500-square-metre installation SEAPHONY takes you to the bottom of the ocean, to the largest and most sonorous habitat on our planet. Along the ocean currents from Antarctica to the Arctic, you listen to the crackling of thousands of crustaceans and the siren songs of marine mammals to the calls of the largest and loudest animals that have ever lived, the great whales. Disharmonies caused by man’s noise pollution punctuate the underwater journey. The sound art, presented in spatial 360º acoustics, is accompanied by a fluid light production that painterly transforms the play of light and colour in the oceans and seems to dissolve the boundaries of space.

SEAPHONY installation is composed by Chris Watson, a founding member of the avantgarde band Cabaret Voltaire, a composer and one of the world’s most distinguished specialists in natural sound recordings. world renowned British sound artist and field recordist Chris Watson, a founding based on his underwater recordings from all over the world’s oceans. Developed in collaboration with spatial sound specialist Tony Myatt featuring a sculptural light installation by Berlin artist Theresa Baumgartner.

In the virtual reality experience THE BONE, you will experience a mythical in-between world between the deep sea and the universe, reality, dream and utopia, and immerse yourself in the stream of consciousness of a sea dweller. The audio tableaus OCEAN.WORLD.MODULES throw light on the taming of the oceans by man.

Background information on the threats to the oceans and how you personally can help protect the oceans is shown by contributions by Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz (BUND).

SEAPHONY: Life on Planet Ocean

Alte Münze Berlin | Am Molkenmarkt 2 in 10179 Berlin | Tickets

SEAPHONY: The symphony of life on Planet Ocean
Spatial sound art and light installation
Chris Watson
Tony Myatt
Theresa Baumgartner
approx. 40’World premiere
Virtual Reality Installation
approx. 18’ (total experience)
German premiere
Binaural Audio Tableaus
approx. 40’ (total experience)
World premiere
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