Photo Credit: Dieter Hartwig
Photo Credit: Dieter Hartwig

SCHRUMPF! Songs and Dances / LOUDsoft & Company Christoph Winkler at Ballhaus Ost / Sunday, 8.10.2023

Choreographer Christoph Winkler collaborates regularly with the performers Ridwan Rasheed, Oluwafemi Adebajo and Michael Gagawala Kaddu. In “Songs and Dances about the Weather”, he focuses on both the melting glaciers and the performers’ own stories about rainmaking rituals in their homelands.

3D images are projected into the middle of the room and provide a detailed look at the places from which these stories originate. In Schrumpf! Songs and Dances we will listen to their stories about the weather and tell to each other about how we experience it and find our own movements to mirror what the weather is and what we would like it to be.

The series SCHRUMPF! opens up the work of Berlin artists for an intergenerational audience, presenting family versions of current pieces by seven Berlin ensembles. By shortening the pieces and providing moments of interaction between artists and audience, the series creates an entry for families into artistic worlds that would otherwise be reserved for adults.

Songs & Dances about the weather_Teaser from Company Christoph Winkler on Vimeo.

The audience is invited to move, touch, ask questions and give their curiosity free rein as they explore each artistic offering. Each piece presented is representative of the specific aesthetic world of the artists involved, the series taken as a whole gives access to a wide swath of Berlin’s cultural landscape.

SCHRUMPF! Songs and Dances / LOUDsoft (Daniella Strasfogel) and Company Christoph Winkler

Sunday, 8.10.2023 | Doors/Start 15:00 CET
Ballhaus Ost | Pappelallee 15 | 10437 Berlin

For children 5 and up and adults of any age. | Event @ Facebook | Tickets

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