Picture by Juliane Schütz
Picture by Juliane Schütz

jazzexzess w/ Deadeye feat. Otis Sandsjö + Nick Dunston’s Skultura at House of Music / Saturday, 7.10.2023

The concert series JAZZEXZESS presents the most important voices of contemporary jazz in an exciting double program in the House of Music on the RAW site, including Cansu Tanrikulu, Mariá Portugal, Otis Sandsjö, Kit Downes and many more.

The word Skultura contains culture, sculpture and, on closer inspection, also sutra. In a popular online encyclopedia, we can read that sutra means a short, memorable tenet or a collection of such tenets. One can imagine Dunston’s compositions for Skultura in a similar way. Starting from samples that go far beyond the instruments of the five band members, compositional templates are generated, which in turn trigger improvisations. The result, according to Dunston, amounts to “reembodied objects”, i.e. objects that are brought into a new form.

The physical and metaphysical are intertwined, as are perception and imagination. The ear thus becomes a tracker that can assemble its finds into new imaginary sculptures. The space in which all this happens advances to actively shaping what is happening. In this performance, the audience is torn out of its passivity and becomes inventive itself. In the best-case scenario, this results in a new culture of creative exchange.

Three of Europe’s most forward thinking jazz musicians (Reinier Baas, Kit Downes and Jonas Burgwinkel) join forces with Deadeye, a brand new jazz supergroup. Deadeye uses the tried and tested formula of Hammond organ, drums and guitar to shed new light on the wildly diverse influences of its members.

The result is a wide musical scope, in which Jazzrock, traditional British folk music and 20th-century Classical music are unified. Although all three of its members share a love for improvisation and the unexpected, they each bring something deeply personal to the table: ethereal textures, undulating yet highly danceable rhythms and angular melodies. Special guest is Otis Sandsjö – initiator and mastermind behind the band Y-OTIS – who brings his own special genre-bending, forward-looking liquid jazz sounds.

jazzexzess w/ Deadeye feat. Otis Sandsjö + Nick Dunston’s Skultura

Saturday, 7.10.2023 | Doors 19:30 | Starts 20:00 CET
House of Music | Revalerstrasse 99 in 10245 Berlin

jazzexzess.de | Event @ Facebook | Tickets

OTIS SANDSJÖ – saxophone
KIT DOWNES – hammond organ
NICK DUNSTON – compositions, bass, banjo, electronics
CANSU TANRIKULU – voice, vocal processor
RIEKO OKUDA – keyboards, viola
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