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Sandow at Roter Salon / Wednesday, 07.02.2018

In addition to Sandow’s both legendary and excessive live shows, their hits Schweigen und Parolen (Silence and Words) and Born in the GDR contributed just as much to their fame as their appearance in the documentary film Flüstern und SCHREIEN (Whispering and Screaming). Tours with artists and bands such as Rio Reiser, the Toten Hosen and Rammstein – still an opening act at that time – were followed by complex and award-winning works for theatre and radio.

Over five years after the 30 Years of Sandow celebration in the summer of 2012, the avant-garde punks and underground legends of the GDR are now returning to the Volksbühne to present Entfernte Welten (Remote Worlds), released in September 2017, live for a Berlin audience. Created over a period of ten years, their tenth studio album is carried by guitar riffs, electronic beats and deep poetry.

In a typical Sandow way, this work refuses to commit to a genre, drawing inspiration from elements of post-punk, avant-garde and new wave, as well as from their digressions into the world of theatre and radio plays.


Wednesday, 7th Febuary 2018 | Doors 20:00
Roter Salon / Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | Linienstraße 227 | D-10178 Berlin

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