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Black Box Music. musical theatre with ensemble Scenatet / Thursday, 08.02.2018

Black Box Music is scored for amplified box, 15 instruments and video. The starting point is the classical soloist-conductor, only in this case, the conducting and the solo part are one and the same. The setting is a traditional theatre stage with curtains, props and light; only in this case, the stage is also an instrument. ‘Black Box Music’ could be said to be a deconstruction of conducting and puppet theatre as well as an exploration and exploitation of the audio/visual relations inherent in conducting and staging. The “grand show” is in three movements, starting with ‘Ouverture’ and ‘Slow Second Movement’ and then finishing off with the festive, pompous, self-imploding ‘Finale’.

Simon Steen-Andersen (b.1976) is a Berlin-based composer working in the field between instrumental music, electronics, video and performance within settings ranging from symphony orchestra and chamber music (with and without multimedia) to stagings, solo performances and installations. The works from the last decade concentrates on integrating concrete elements in the music and emphasizing the physical and choreographic aspects of instrumental performance. The works often include amplified acoustic instruments in combination with sampler, video, simple everyday objects or homemade constructions.

SCENATET is an ensemble that designs every concert individually. This Danish ensemble sees itself as a creator of conceptual art works and processes of discovery, in which music is just one part. In fact SCENATET is not a traditional ensemble at all, but rather a multifaceted and unique unit within the field of the contemporary arts – and neither does the ensemble really give traditional concerts.

Founded in 2008 by artistic director Anna Berit Asp Christensen, SCENATET performs for a broad and diverse audience, rarely performing in the same place or context twice. SCENATET has performed events in shopping malls and backyards, major festivals and experimental venues, and the preoccupation with ‘everyday spaces’ to which they bring their art makes SCENATET performances into theatrical installations just as much as concert productions.

Black Box Music. musical theatre with ensemble SCENATET

Thursday, 8th February | Starts at 20:00
Heimathafen Neukölln | Karl-Marx-Straße 141 | 12043 Berlin

kontraklang.de | event@facebook

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