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Robert Lippok and Jan Jelinek at Feed Berlin / Thursday, 18.12.2014

A truly first class double bill at Feed Soundspace this December with Robert Lippok and Jan Jelinek both providing performances of their own personal take on electronica.

Hearing things as they are, a pure electronic landscape plots objects before you in elegant detail. Crystallized textures unfold from the roots of subsonic waves into a deceptive symmetry commonly found throughout nature. Precision hides elegant imperfections, and a multi-dimensional sonic canvas emerges from the dark.


The tendency to visualize the sound of Robert Lippok stems from his background in installation and set design. A clear influence on his structural compositions, Robert’s synth modelled settings drop listeners into a new yet familiar world; one that shines in ways our everyday reality might be portrayed in film. Unobstructed and clearly defined, Robert establishes an intricate balance for a platform to observe the impeccable environments he has created.

Bypassing the rules of traditional musicianship, Jan Jelinek prefers to construct collages from tiny sound fragments, from the lost-and-found products of samplers, tape recorders, media players and other recording implements. To this end, Jan Jelinek often works with loops and slight modulations to distill the gist of a piece of music and define it more clearly while masking its original source.


In the late 1990s he started to release his works under the pseudonyms Farben and Gramm, adapting his primary sampling premise to a surprising range of different sounds. During the following years, Jan Jelinek released solo projects under his own name on the scape-label, collaborated with artists like Sarah Morris or German author Thomas Meinecke, played a range of laptop or gadget-based live sets, worked with improvisation ensembles from Japanese trio Computer Soup to the Australian jazz formation Triosk and created a number of audio-visual performances with video artist Karl Kliem, founded with Hanno Leichtmann and Andrew Pekler the Trio Groupshow and launched in 2008 the label faitiche.

Robert Lippok & Jan Jalinek

Thursday, 18 December 2014 | 19:00 CET
FEED at KW | Auguststraße 69 | 10117 Berlin/Mitte

6554.de | kw-berlin.de | Event @ facebook

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