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MPA-B Closing Party w/ Psycho & Plastic @ Stummfilmkino Delphi | Saturday, 31.05.2014

As part of the closing party for MPA-B (Month of Performance Art Berlin) an following the release of their new single Gold/Rush, local electro duo Psycho & Plastic will play a live show at the former Delphi silent movie theater in Weissensee.

Driven by their unquenchable curiosity, audacious Berlin based duo Psycho & Plastic synchronize club and cortex. All neurons party hard, tearing up pigeonholes left and right, while limbs jerk polyrhythmically to the sound of a kick drum. Oscillating between galleries and squats, art happenings and day-glow decorated dance floors, you will find Psycho & Plastic at the far reaches of the electronic music universe.

Psycho & Plastic | Matekater

Wherever they touch down, they conjure up their unique, visceral sound from the betwixt and between of quantised grid patterns – always eccentric and utterly mad, but never misguided. Carrying an arsenal of effects, pedals, blinking synths, and bleeping processors worthy of the multi instrumentalists they are, Psycho & Plastic sweep audiences off their feet with a vibrant set of live performed electronic dance music. Lending two ears to the dance floor and two to the zeitgeist has established itself as their trusted means against mediocrity.

Psycho & Plastic | Secret rehearsal

Whether it is playing live, producing a record as part of an artists-in-residence programme, or collaborating with visual artists on new cover artwork, Psycho & Plastic absolutely thrive in creative surroundings. In order to carry on pushing the envelope in a self- determined manner, Thomas Tichai and Alexandre Decoupigny have set up their own label GiveUsYourGOLD, on which their musical output as Psycho & Plastic is released. Psycho & Plastic are: Thomas Tichai and Alexandre Decoupigny

Psycho & Plastic LIVE

Saturday, 31 May 2014 | 21:00 CET
ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi | Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2 | 13086 Berlin-Weissensee

per-aspera.netmpa-b.org | psychoandplastic.com

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