Composing This Space w/ Prszr & Zan Lyons @ NK Berlin | Saturday, 31.05.2014

Prszr (pronounced “pressure”) is the duo of Rafal Iwanski (from acclaimed polish percussion duo HATI) and austrian electronic music veteran Pure combining the eerie, computer generated sound world of Pure with the archaic, outer-wordly spaceyness of Iwanski’s percussion play.

Prszr’s first album “Equilirium” was released on Swiss label Hinterzimmer Records in November 2012. Multi-layered syncopating polyrhythms alternate with gong-based drones built on top of computer-generated loops and pulsating patterns.

Prszr | Live at NK

Melting acoustic with electronic aesthetics in a unique way in their performances Prszr create a highly hypnotic, cathartic sonic experience for the audience.

Formed in 2008 as a trio, and after a few promising concerts in Germany and Poland, Prszr recorded their first album in 2009. It is released by Swiss label Hinterzimmer Records in December 2012 and accompanied by a tour through several European cities.

Prszr | Live in Toruń

Being one of the most distinctive audio/visual performers to date, violinist, producer and film-maker zan lyon’s stunning shows have received critical acclaim across the globe. Explosive beats collide with melancholic concertos. Using his laptop and custom foot pedals, zan loops his violin, voice and sounds while manipulating his haunting visuals – to incredible effect.

Zan’s film making process retains the organic approach established by his music. a one man army, zan directs, shoots, edits, and lights all of his films himself as well as doing all of the complex animation and visual effects work.

Zan Lyons | Live Trailer

The result is hypnotic and otherworldly, bringing a truly cinematic vision to the audio/visual world. His films have quickly earned Zan high profile recognition with nominations from lux and the London Short Film Festival and screenings on mtv2 as well as the Cannes, Onedotzero and Raindance film festivals.

Recently, Zan has performed with the likes of Battles and Chris Clark as well as collaborating with Warp records’ Leila and Nicolette. Impressed by Lyons’ unique audio/visual outlook, the UK’s Latitude festival invited Zan to remix Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. This ever-evolving live re- imagining of Scott’s classic sees Lyons cut up scenes from the film-splicing in his own work in the process and replacing the soundtrack with his own score.

Zan Lyons | vs Excerpt

‘Zan Lyons vs Blade Runner’ has since been performed at Berlin’s Berghain and the UK’s Leeds Festival.

Zan is currently working on a long form audio visual album. existing between music video and feature film, this ambitious 2-disc project will feature all new music with a short film made for each song.

Presented by D/B. Check out our facebook page to win tickets.


Composing This Space w/ Prszr & Zan Lyons

Saturday, 31st May 2014 | 21:30 CET
NK | Elsenstr. 52 | 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 | 12059 Berlin/Neukölln


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