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Polwechsel & The Pitch at Ballhaus Ost / Sunday, 28.5.2017

The legendary – originally entirely Viennese – group Polwechsel meets Berlin’s The Pitch. Two quartets sharing work methods but approaching sound from different vantage points. Also, two groups associated with improvisation but as much devoted to rigidly structuring their material, looking beyond the soloist in favour of a coherent ensemble sound. This night will see the premiere of a collaborative piece for the octet as well as presentations of selected pieces from their respective reportoires.

2 sets / playing separate and together.

The Pitch
Boris Baltschun – electric pump organ / sine tones
Koen Nutters – upright bass
Morten J Olsen – vibraphone
Michael Thieke – clarinet

Burkhard Beins – percussion
Martin Brandlmayr – percussion
Werner Dafeldecker – upright bass
Michael Moser – cello

Polwechsel & The Pitch

Sunday, 28.5.2017
Ballhaus Ost | Pappelallee 15 | 10437 Berlin

www.polwechsel.com | www.thepitch.tk | Event @ Facebook

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