MADEIRADIG Artist Feature: Peter “PITA” Rehberg | 03-06.12.2010 @ Madeira Island / Portugal

Austrian electronic musician Peter “Pita” Rehberg was one of the pioneers of dissonant music composed through digital noise. In 1999 he received Prix Ars Electronica Distinction Award for Digital Musics, alongside Christian Fennesz. He also runs the Editions Mego label, formerly known as Mego.
[audio:pita – nloopcbn.mp3]He has collaborated with: Jim O’Rourke, Christian Fennesz, Dennis Cooper, Gisèle Vienne, Stephen O’Malley (as KTL), Tina Frank, Matmos, Tujiko Noriko, Kevin Drumm, Marcus Schmickler, Jade, Matt “Skitz” Sanders, Russell Haswell, Florian Hecker, Carlos Giffoni, Gert-Jan Prins, Mika Vainio, General Magic, Zbigniew Karkowski, Z’EV, Rosy Parlane, Keith Rowe, Sunn O))) as well as being a member of Mimeo.

He contributed to formalize the “glitch” aesthetics with Seven Tons For Free (Mego, 1996), a concerto for pulse signals, Get Out (Mego, 1999), which was the cacophonous equivalent of a romantic symphony, and the more humane Get Down (Mego, 2002).

The trilogy of collaborations with Ramon “General Magic” Bauer, Fasst (Touch, 1997), Ballt (Touch, 1999) and Passt (Touch, 2001), was his most comprehensive exploration of digital noise, but mostly sounded indulgent and naive. Pop Album (Tochnit Aleph) documents live performances of electronic noise with Zbigniew Karkowski. Stereoctypie (Asphodel, 2005), credited to Dach and featuring a Japanese vocalist, is one of his most romantic works.

Peter Rehberg | Prelude to SUNN O))) at Sacre Coeur church, Prague 2009

The eight-track mini-album Get Off (Hapna, 2005), the third installation in Pita’s “Get” series (following 1999’s Get Out and 2002’s Get Down), is a veehement exercise in psychological contrast, alternating quasi-silence to bursts of noise, but the concept hardly sounds revolutionary in 2005.

KTL | Paratrooper | from IV (2009), by KTL. Drone ambient by Stephen O’Malley and Peter Rehberg

Peter “PITA” Rehberg will perfom at the MADEIRADIG Festival 2010. To get an idea what goes on there and why it is so unique have a look at the last year Pictures & Comments, watch the documentary or visit the Website.



03-06.12.2010 | Madeira Island / Portugal

with Peter “PITA” Rehberg, Stephan Mathieu & Caro Mikalef, Janek Schaefer, Simon Whetham & Hugo Olim, Ben Frost, Richard Skelton, The Beautiful Schizophonic, Peter Broderick, Max Tundra uvm. | |