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D/B Recommended: Free in store gig with Moldover & nonprivate @ Dense Store Berlin Tuesday, 28.09.2010

Another fantastic line-up at Dense’s instore concert this week. Moldover
will be showcasing his live circuit bent “controllerism” while former Rephlex artist nonprivate aka Cylob brings his style free electronics.

And all that for the bargain price of…well nothing, its free entry! So no excuse.

Controllerism is the art and practice of using musical software controllers (e.g. MIDI, OSC, Joystick, etc.) to build upon, mix, scratch, remix, effect, modify, or otherwise create music, usually by a Digital DJ  or “Controllerist”. Controllerism developed at the peak of USB midi controller market during the turn of the century. Often on the side of Virtuoso performance art, Controllerism is also a nod to traditional musicianship and instrumental-ism paired with modern computer sequencing software such as Ableton Live and Native Instruments Traktor. However a working knowledge of Scale and Chords is not necessarily required as the performers typically focus their efforts more on sequencing events, software effect and instrument manipulations using buttons, knobs, faders, keys, foot switches and pedals than on instrumental notes played in real time. The term was coined by Moldover in 2007 and popularized by Ean Golden to describe the process while paying homage to and giving respect to the art of turntablism.

Moldover Live

At first inspired by early 1980s synth-pop, old-school hip-hop and electro, and dance pioneers Art Of Noise, 808 State and LFO, Chris gave a demo tape to Aphex Twin at a gig in early 1993, subsequently signing to his Rephlex label a short time after.

Cylob / Pepper Spray

Since his debut, he has released 13 singles and 5 albums on Rephlex, in addition to the EP “Spider Report” for Breakin’ Records. Then followed the harsh dancefloor sonics of “Cylob’s Latest Effort” and “Lobster Tracks” (with its Chris Cunningham-illustrated sleeve), pop pastiche with “Living In The 1980s”, meditative bells and gongs on “Mood Bells” and the electronic funk and braindance of “CMS 3000” Volumes 1 & 2.

Although Cylob’s music is predominantly instrumental, his most well known tracks have been the underground hits “Rewind” and “Cut The Midrange, Drop The Bass” which pioneered computer-generated rapping and singing on top of signature Cylob beats. A video to “Rewind” directed by Mark Adcock and featuring renowned martial artist Chloe Bruce saw a fair amount of MTV airplay on its release in 1999. Since 1998, Cylob has worked on his own software for creating music, the Cylob Music System.


Moldover & nonprivate
Tuesday 28.09.10 | 19:00
Dense Record Shop | Petersburger Str 81 | 10247 Berlin/Friedrichshain

http://www.dense-shop.de | Map | http://www.moldover.com/