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D/B Album Feature: Paul White / sounds from the skylight

19 weird and wonderful beat constructions fresh from Paul’s South London attic studio, known as ‘The Skylight’. Woozy, psychedelic hiphop from one of the most fertile imaginations of our time. D/B highly recommended!

[audio:03 Ultra Violet.mp3] Paul White from One-Handed Music has risen to claim status as one of the UK’s finest beat breakers and psyched instrumental-hip-hop producers. Buy this  impressive Album here: http://paulwhite.bandcamp.com


1. Intro
2. Trying To Tell You
3. Ultra Violet
4. An Illusion Interlude
5. Dream State (Dam Tales)
6. Highlife
7. Wait For Me
8. Whats Good For Me
9. Funk Positive
10. Alien Attack
11. Get em Up
12. Speed Dating
13. Swimming
14. A Quiet Place
15. Be Mine
16. You Sober?
17. Who Interlude
18. Who s Laughing?
19. Synthia Dreams

[audio:02 Trying To Tell You.mp3]